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References Music Production

  • 2007: Sounddesign and production web site AZUL homepage Azuco
  • 2006: Composition and production web site AZUL keo tea (read more...)
  • 2006: Composition and production for film AZUL Espresso I·O
  • 2006: Composition and production for Sarotti chocolate presentations (Sarotti brand presentation, presentation "Sarotti Edition")
  • 1996 Production of the demo-CD for KAWAI Z-1000 (own compositions).
  • Constant co-operation with Speaker´s Corner recording studios in Munich since 1996.
  • Various music- and radio-drama- projects for Radio Bremen; also attandance at various record- and CD-productions.

Reference and example: The keo cards

To demonstrate my method of combining and assembling the theoretical and practical parts of a job, I would like to introduce the project "AZUL Keo Cards":

My task for "Keo", a manufacturer of tea products for restaurants, was to compose five short pieces of music for their image-postcards, which were made available as print as well as media on their website.

Each of the cards contained a slogan, a cheeky saying at first glance.

When the card is turned however, the reader encounters the slogan as a headline in a completely different context, presenting more serious information about tea, its preparation and consumption.

1. "Pretty Hot", burlesque, 31 sec., 68 BPM

keo-Karte 1 This melody is a submission for an alto-sax theme (raw and with voice modulation).
The melody falls (like the veils of a striptease dancer) presenting a blue note phrase ("odd" or "dirty" and slightly out of key) in the middle of the theme.
Associations: Night club, live music trio, striptease-show; reminiscent of the sexy music styles pre- Joe Cocker´s "You can leave your hat on" (9 ½weeks) or Ravel´s "Bolero" ("Ten", starring Bo Derek).
The hammering ostinato harmonies, however, drive in a similar way to "... hat on ", the lascivious melody writhing and lurking above.

2. "You´re getting old", ballad/shuffle, 43 sec., 56 BPM

keo-Karte 2 The intro begins slowly and suggests maturity - nearly a funeral march, but a few bars later transforms into a swinging double time feel, revealing totally different implications of getting old.
An ambiguous contrast to what the card´s title suggests.

3. "You can have them all", Latin Groove, 36 sec., 83 BPM

keo-Karte 3 A Salsa- or Samba-theme; the association being: "latin lover". The subtle beginning becomes more fragmented in character, achieving a "longing", "languishing" tension - as if the piece has begun with the refrain and is searching for a stanza which never arrives and ends "unfulfilled".

4. "Rip me up", Tango, 37 sec., 114 BPM

keo-Karte 4 Superficially the percussion instrument Cabasa imitates textile rustle (a dance with "close-combative" body contact) or the "tearing open" of a packet.
Interpreted in the greatest possible "sultriness", the tango serves the application of another musical direction, occupied with erotic tension.
Rhythmical ritardandi or rubati, as well as the use of dynamics, modulate the melody with an affected, eccentric "appeal", expressing the demand rip.

5. "Let ´em go", Easy Swing, 51 sec., 58 BPM

keo-Karte 5 The influence for the intro was "Easy" by the Commodores, which Is actually a farewell-ballad using the premise of optimistic autosuggestion (... have to go now, but take it easy ...).
This track also uses a swinging double tempo 'pinch' in the coda to symbolise the double meaning of the card slogan.
Who or what gets let go is the question suggested by the pessimistic minor key. Opening buoyantly and dynamically the piece tells a story with intro, verse, refrain and a formulated ending.

My purpose was to deliver five individual musical pieces for the given subjects, linked by a common thread, being the trio instrumentation featuring piano, double bass and percussion.

In addition, I wanted the material to be "catchy".

This result is best achieved if each piece is an Individually composed song.

The sonic "purism" of these reduced trio versions should reveal the melodic substance of 5 pieces - something like audio logo's for five individual messages or stories.

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