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Summary of Sounddesign Production Processes

  • patch programming
  • factory-sound series, product-support, libraries, sounddesign for music productions
  • presentation of the instrument in particularities and power of its sound synthesis
  • demonstration of the versatility as a musical tool
Sound synthesis
  • subtraktive (Roland JX, Oberheim Matrix, Access Virus, Yamaha AN1x, Waldorf Q, Steinberg Model E)
  • sample based (Korg M series , Roland XP, JV, JD, JP, Yamaha SY, Kawai K1, K4 )
  • FM (Yamaha DX, TX, SY, Native Instruments FM7)
  • PD (Casio CZ Modelle, reFX Plasticz)
  • additive (Kawai K5, K 5000)
  • vector based (Waldorf Microwave, Emagic ES2)
  • new models and directions (Steinberg Plex, Native Instruments Absynth)
  • Studio recording sessions with musicians, digitalising
  • pre-production, cutting, format conversion
  • evaluation of the material, mapping
  • processing, post-processing, intonation
  • looping
  • patch programming (remapping, layering, synthesis parameters, controls)
  • archivation, documentation
Library production
  • conception ("instrumentary"/ "synthesis particularities" / "user templates" for customising / studies about compatibility with – or programming of adaptions of other sound systems)
  • programming
  • consulting, beta testing for instrument design
  • production of documentations & tutorials

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